“Music and other art forms know no boundaries. Artists are more than entertainers; they have the potential to affect the most conflict-ridden situations, by showing how simple human interaction – guided by cultural-exchange and the principle of humanizing and legitimizing the other – can produce a listening and understanding of the other, even outside the context of agreement.” My  recording Beyond Borders is available on CD Baby, CD Universe and Amazon.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the multiple dimensions of this recording, as we embark on a journey that takes us beyond borders.”

Beyond Borders CD Listen to Beyond Borders

FUSION UNLIMITED Trio (Hanna Khoury, Udi Bar-David, Hafez Javier Kotain)
Dance Mediterranea https://youtu.be/gW8VkMypu4o
Volich https://youtu.be/R7krMteJoik
Hora Mamtera https://youtu.be/WbNQllueA1A
Longa Farahfaza https://youtu.be/dbHNjERTMMU
Y’did Nefesh https://youtu.be/MZfQN9JcYAU
Longa Shahnaz https://youtu.be/oUAjV96tVms
Zohi Yafo https://youtu.be/4cUYtj64hAk


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